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Doc: Describe the serial terminal plugin
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+** Copyright (C) 2019 Andre Hartmann <aha_1980@gmx.de>
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+ /*!
+ \contentspage index.html
+ \previouspage creator-developing-qnx.html
+ \page creator-serialterminal.html
+ \nextpage creator-build-process-customizing.html
+ \title Connecting Devices by Serial Ports
+ You can use the \uicontrol {Serial Terminal} output pane to connect devices
+ by serial ports. These ports can be real RS-232 ports, or virtual serial
+ ports provided by USB chipsets.
+ \image qtcreator-serial-terminal.png "Serial Terminal output pane"
+ To set up a connection:
+ \list 1
+ \li Select \uicontrol Help > \uicontrol {About Plugins} >
+ \uicontrol {Utilities} > \uicontrol {Serial Terminal}
+ to enable the plugin.
+ \li Restart \QC to load the plugin.
+ \li In the \uicontrol {Serial Terminal} output pane, select a
+ COM port. The list is updated when ports become available.
+ \li Select the bitrate for the communication.
+ \li To establish the connection, select the \inlineimage run_small.png
+ (\uicontrol Connect) button.
+ \endlist
+ To create additional connections, select the \inlineimage plus.png
+ (\uicontrol {Add New Terminal}) button.
+ To close a connection, select the \inlineimage stop_small.png
+ (\uicontrol Stop) button.
+ The \inlineimage reload_gray.png
+ (\uicontrol {Reset Board}) button toggles the DTR (Data Terminal Ready)
+ line, which causes a board reset on Arduino compatible boards.
+ Incoming data is displayed in the output pane.
+ Use the command line at the bottom to send commands to the remote station.
+ Select the line endings in the list next to the command line:
+ \list
+ \li None - the lines have no special termination
+ \li LF - the lines are terminated by a line feed (ASCII 0xA) character
+ \li CR - the lines are terminated by a carriage return (ASCII 0xD)
+ character
+ \li CRLF - the lines are terminated by a carriage return and a line feed
+ character
+ \endlist
+ \note On Linux, you need the appropriate rights to access serial ports.
+ Often, it is sufficient to add your user account to the group dialout.
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\li \uicontrol{Test Results}
\li \uicontrol {To-Do Entries}
+ \li \uicontrol {Serial Terminal}
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panes, select \uicontrol {Window > Output Panes}.
\if defined(qtcreator)
- To display the \uicontrol {To-Do Entries} pane, enable the Todo plugin.
+ To display the \l{To-Do Entries} or
+ \l{Connecting Devices by Serial Ports}{Serial Terminal}
+ pane, enable the respective plugin.
For more information about the \uicontrol {QML Debugger Console} view, see
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- \li \l{http://doc.qt.io/qtcreator/creator-overview-qtasam.html}
- {Qt Application Manager}
+ \li \l{Connecting Devices by Serial Ports}
+ You can connect devices by serial ports in the
+ \uicontrol {Serial Terminal} output pane. These
+ ports can be real RS-232 ports, or virtual serial
+ ports provided by USB chipsets.
+ \li \l{https://doc.qt.io/qtcreator/creator-overview-qtasam.html}
+ {Qt Creator Plugin for Qt Application Manager}
You can use the experimental Qt Application Manager plugin
(commercial only) to deploy, run, and debug applications on the
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\previouspage creator-developing-generic-linux.html
\nextpage studio-advanced.html
- \previouspage creator-developing-qnx.html
+ \previouspage creator-serialterminal.html
\nextpage creator-testing.html
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\contentspage index.html
\previouspage creator-developing-ios.html
\page creator-developing-qnx.html
- \nextpage creator-build-process-customizing.html
+ \nextpage creator-serialterminal.html
\title Connecting QNX Devices
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\li \l{Connecting Embedded Linux Devices}
\li \l{Connecting iOS Devices}
\li \l{Connecting QNX Devices}
+ \li \l{Connecting Devices by Serial Ports}
\li \l{Customizing the Build Process}