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\li \l{https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZzbucmQPU44}
{From Photoshop to Prototype with Qt Design Studio}
+ \section1 Importing Metadata & Assets
+ \QBPS can import metadata generated from other tools and generate a Photoshop document. A
+ conventional workflow would be to generate metadata and assets by \l {Exporting QML} {exporting}
+ a QML project from \QDS and use \QBPS to generate a Photoshop document.
+ Imported text and the assets are organized into Artboards, layers, and groups.
+ Select the \uicontrol Import button to launch the \uicontrol Import panel. Alternatively, \QB
+ import can be launched from \uicontrol Window > \uicontrol Extensions.
+ \image qt-bridge-import.png
+ Create a new PSD document and launch the \uicontrol Import dialog. Open the metadata file to
+ import and select \uicontrol Import.
+ \note The import process removes all the existing layers in the selected PSD document.
+ \image qt-bridge-import-warning.png
+ The following guidelines are followed to generate the Photoshop document:
+ \list
+ \li An Artboard is created for each QML component exported and defined in the metadata file.
+ \li An image layer is created for an item with an asset.
+ \li A solid fill layer is created for an item without an asset.
+ \li A paragraph text layer is created for Text items.
+ \endlist
+ All QML metadata specified in the metadata file is assigned to the generated layers.
+ An important concept of \e {Virtual parent} is applied to translate the QML DOM to Photoshop
+ DOM. A QML \l Item can have children but a layer in a Photoshop document cannot have child
+ layers. To mitigate this variance, a Group layer is created and child items are added to this
+ Group layer. The Group layer acts as a virtual parent and the correct parent is assigned when
+ the Photoshop document is exported and re-imported in \QDS.
+ \note The parent-child relationship may be lost if the virtual parent Group layer is moved or
+ deleted.