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Add existing isues as TODOs
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@@ -225,6 +225,16 @@ void CursorNavigation::registerItem(CursorNavigationAttached* item)
+ /* TODO fix unregistering and reregistering navigable items with navigable children
+ *
+ * currently, for est results, items should define if they accpet cursor already
+ * at the construction time. this will ensure that the tree is properly constructed
+ * currently, unregisterin a container, is going to unregister all of its
+ * navigable children too. reregisterin gthe container will reregister the children
+ * regitering a container after its navigable children have been registered,
+ * will not list the children under the container but as its siblings
+ */
/* TODO reparenting from window to another kind of works, but reparenting
* within a window not so well. problems arise when reaprenting items
* contained in an item that is also navigable. for this to work, we would