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* Add redirect feature for manually fine tuning the cursor's movementAntti Hölttä2019-03-182-0/+128
* Fixed a caption in the demo, rename files and remove unused filesAntti Hölttä2019-03-187-288/+5
* General minor fixesAlexandra Betouni2019-03-188-54/+53
* Add descriptions to demo app examples. Also some tweaks.Antti Hölttä2019-03-184-225/+294
* Improve demoapp, try to make it look betterAntti Hölttä2019-03-187-63/+87
* Add dialog window to the demo programAntti Hölttä2019-03-184-1/+58
* Add more features for the demo appAntti Hölttä2019-03-1817-261/+312
* Add an alternative list based tabbar to the mainpage, fix page 2 a bitAntti Hölttä2019-03-184-46/+110
* Add callbacks for magnitude, moves and actionsAntti Hölttä2019-03-187-92/+123
* Removing not-needed qml.qrc fileAlexandra Betouni2019-03-181-12/+0
* Add available-function for a cursor navigableAntti Hölttä2019-03-181-21/+27
* Add demo page with a map and POIs, navigated with a GamepadAntti Hölttä2019-03-184-1/+141
* cursor trapping and navigation out of a scope works now as intendedAntti Hölttä2019-03-181-1/+7
* Cursor now movable only to items that set the acceptsCursor value to trueAntti Hölttä2019-03-182-2/+10
* Add find-functionAntti Hölttä2019-03-181-0/+20
* Adding page with a more complicated scenarioAlexandra Betouni2019-03-1811-7/+259
* Bugfixes to 360 algorithm, added cooldown for gamepad controlAntti Hölttä2019-03-181-3/+10
* Add 360 algorithmAntti Hölttä2019-03-183-0/+98
* Add cursor navigable TabButtonAntti Hölttä2019-03-182-6/+18
* Demo application clean upAlexandra Betouni2019-03-1813-344/+299
* CursorNavigationAttached now implements the control interfaceAntti Hölttä2019-03-181-0/+7
* More on scopes, works to some extent in the test programAntti Hölttä2019-03-184-37/+165
* Bind cursor presence to the current active focusAntti Hölttä2019-03-183-52/+135
* Initial commit, demoable pocAntti Hölttä2019-03-189-0/+245