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* UmlSequenceDiagram: use Flickable.AutoFlickIfNeededHEADmasterShawn Rutledge2016-06-161-0/+1
* install QML for viewing Sequence diagrams; remove uq scriptShawn Rutledge2016-06-1016-13/+24
* QmlMessageTrace: detect and combine repeated sections of backtracesShawn Rutledge2016-06-103-8/+47
* add QmlMessageTraceShawn Rutledge2016-06-1013-11/+852
* use QtQuick.Controls 2; use qml runtime; tooltip for detailsShawn Rutledge2016-06-075-86/+79
* swap license: even the QML is LPGL3 / GPL3 nowShawn Rutledge2016-06-065-154/+139
* initial working version with examplesShawn Rutledge2013-09-1912-0/+20089
* Initial empty repositorySergio Ahumada2013-09-190-0/+0