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Documentation: Adding comments to QHoverEvent class
Explaining the difference between hover events and enter/leave/move events Task-number: QT-1116 Reviewed-by: Bjørn Erik Nilsen
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@@ -399,6 +399,40 @@ QMouseEventEx::~QMouseEventEx()
The function pos() gives the current cursor position, while oldPos() gives
the old mouse position.
+ There are a few similarities between the events QEvent::HoverEnter
+ and QEvent::HoverLeave, and the events QEvent::Enter and QEvent::Leave.
+ However, they are slightly different because we do an update() in the event
+ handler of HoverEnter and HoverLeave.
+ QEvent::HoverMove is also slightly different from QEvent::MouseMove. Let us
+ consider a top-level window A containing a child B which in turn contains a
+ child C (all with mouse tracking enabled):
+ \image hoverEvents.png
+ Now, if you move the cursor from the top to the bottom in the middle of A,
+ you will get the following QEvent::MouseMove events:
+ \list 1
+ \o A::MouseMove
+ \o B::MouseMove
+ \o C::MouseMove
+ \endlist
+ You will get the same events for QEvent::HoverMove, except that the event
+ always propagates to the top-level regardless whether the event is accepted
+ or not. It will only stop propagating with the Qt::WA_NoMousePropagation
+ attribute.
+ In this case the events will occur in the following way:
+ \list 1
+ \o A::HoverMove
+ \o A::HoverMove, B::HoverMove
+ \o A::HoverMove, B::HoverMove, C::HoverMove
+ \endlist