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Add changes file for Qt 5.14.2v5.
+ 650d065d3b03825ff97600902c164d447cbb771a Fix potential crash when logic aspect exits + 32755ab5cca668c82b43bbe8b2e907e4f7dd7720 Fix stale Entity caches + d33c1630b09fcdad83f69bfd2530354584b2f42b Bump version + 648b7459e8a6ce8ce1f115a14da63d546b743439 Allow for when a Scene3D item switches screens + 547b0b00244f1535eab4456a02b75b46776eae51 Check we remove a valid node when removing from node properties + d046e7cc3e362e6cb45afd5ecae464d796c21079 QMetalRoughMaterial: only remove parameters if added + 294894610b02a2cd4682fafe139a60b2b96f3289 Destroy FBOs when RenderTarget node is destroyed + 42c0dbc377af4d307747a32ca1c1fd267ce4337f Add in a call to applyAspects() that accidently got missed + e52382023b85c435e9c1e3a37eeac65178ee54e0 Fix and improve FBO handling + 05cb6bb5f354ffd1094da4a45b315f955d7fd16f qgltf: Fix MSVC warning about narrowing conversion + ecca6d21fbb4a07dcfe6144cc5a4f20981491bd1 Revert "Add in a call to applyAspects() that accidently got missed" + c6fecd32f8dfe4d72a7f059f83d69e61d5ded64d Revert "Allow for when a Scene3D item switches screens" + b769deaf57645f533cccb352722ea7b79475a2ea Fix OnDemand rendering crash when using QQuickWidget + 597c9df33c2c8a9e91e3ad1de48b1200ebca6586 No need to register input aspect in basicshapes-cpp example Change-Id: Id6a03d886dabe073361317beb85dfd78ff92ee33 Reviewed-by: Paul Lemire <>
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