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authorOswald Buddenhagen <oswald.buddenhagen@digia.com>2013-06-18 15:14:30 +0200
committerThe Qt Project <gerrit-noreply@qt-project.org>2013-07-10 06:30:46 +0200
commitef8000991e5e4bd12e830d83a78d821b7863f0d4 (patch)
tree2eff169b18e5a582dfc5a88c8e38275e091e5f1f /configure.bat
parent9b68559f3cc82db32e93d4040fa2b17f8315397b (diff)
leave makefile generation to the real configure
call it with the "secret" -top-level option, which shifts the makefile generation one level up. this makes the configure call the last thing we do, thus also avoiding the problems we had with the -help switch (and the previous attempts at fixing it). Change-Id: I80ba4a09b260a140a9d1b976277c30fd1436b4d6 Reviewed-by: Thiago Macieira <thiago.macieira@intel.com>
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diff --git a/configure.bat b/configure.bat
index 73395684..d3bb977f 100644
--- a/configure.bat
+++ b/configure.bat
@@ -52,17 +52,10 @@ if not exist qtbase mkdir qtbase || exit /b 1
echo + cd qtbase
cd qtbase || exit /b 1
-echo + %configure% %*
-call %configure% %*
+echo + %configure% -top-level %*
+call %configure% -top-level %*
set err=%errorlevel%
cd ..
-if not %err% == 0 goto out
-echo + qtbase\bin\qmake %srcpath%
-qtbase\bin\qmake %srcpath%
-set err=%errorlevel%
exit /b %err%