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* CMake: Run iOS build tests in qtdeclarativeAlexandru Croitor2022-12-051-0/+1
* Specify insignificant for Android 12 emulator on submodule levelHeikki Halmet2022-11-091-1/+2
* Remove unique Android configuration from qtdeclarative.ymlVolker Hilsheimer2022-09-291-2/+1
* Coin:Android: Enable tests for default packaging target - Part 5Assam Boudjelthia2022-07-021-1/+0
* Activate testing of developer build for Android in qtdeclarativeAndreas Buhr2022-05-181-1/+2
* coin: Run macOS x86_64 developer build tests for all modulesTor Arne Vestbø2022-04-071-1/+0
* Add Android tests to Qt modules - part 1Assam Boudjelthia2022-03-081-1/+2
* Build minimal subset of tests in qtdeclarative desktop static buildsAlexandru Croitor2021-08-271-1/+2
* Add Integrity target for other modulesKimmo Ollila2021-07-281-1/+2
* coin: Make macOS ARM packaging config test significant for all modulesTor Arne Vestbø2021-05-251-2/+1
* coin: Make macOS on ARM packaging tests significant for a few modulesTor Arne Vestbø2021-05-181-1/+2
* macOS: Split building and testing stagesToni Saario2021-01-231-11/+5
* coin: Don't pass macOS SDK sysroot to configureTor Arne Vestbø2021-01-191-1/+1
* coin: Don't pass macOS deployment target to configureTor Arne Vestbø2021-01-191-1/+1
* CMake: Remove CI qmake configs for Qt 6.1Alexandru Croitor2020-12-101-5/+0
* CMake: Adapt to new QT_BUILD_TESTS variableJoerg Bornemann2020-12-011-1/+1
* Use the -qmake configure argument for UseLegacyInstructions configsJoerg Bornemann2020-10-231-1/+1
* CMake: Mirror missing qtdeclarative macOS configAlexandru Croitor2020-09-291-0/+9
* CMake: Deduplicate the cmake platformsToni Saario2020-06-161-41/+1
* CMake: Align the CMake Packaging configurations with the qmake onesAlexandru Croitor2020-06-161-3/+3
* CMake: Fix a lot of failing tests on MinGW 32bit due to debug symbolsAlexandru Croitor2020-06-121-1/+1
* CMake: Replace all Windows configurations with Ninja Multi-ConfigAlexandru Croitor2020-06-121-1/+1
* CMake: Enable iOS simulator_and_device buildsAlexandru Croitor2020-06-121-1/+1
* Set Boot2Qt arm builds to release and developer buildLiang Qi2020-06-041-28/+0
* CMake: Add MinGW config to all cmake enabled repositoriesAlexandru Croitor2020-05-251-0/+5
* CMake: Switch host macOS configurations to framework release buildsAlexandru Croitor2020-05-041-1/+1
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.15' into devLiang Qi2020-04-301-1/+1
* | CMake: Pass location to custom OpenSSL 1.1 directory in CoinAlexandru Croitor2020-04-071-8/+8
* | Enable CMake builds for qtdeclarativeAlexandru Croitor2020-03-131-0/+38
* | Transition to macOS 10.14 step 1Simon Hausmann2020-02-041-0/+5
* | Use legacy instructions when building all qmake configurationsAlexandru Croitor2020-02-031-0/+4
* Provisioning: Use correct sysroot path for QEMU armv7 in qtdeclarativeAssam Boudjelthia2019-09-101-1/+1
* Provisioning: update QEMU toolchainsAssam Boudjelthia2019-09-071-1/+1
* Partially revert 'Do DeveloperBuild for Boot2Qt'Tony Sarajärvi2019-08-081-0/+12
* Change configuration files into yaml formatToni Saario2019-07-011-0/+12