BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
5.12Replace CopyrightFile entry in libjpeg qt_attribution.jsonKai Köhne17 hours
5.12.12Reject truncated and corrupt ascii pnm imagesEirik Aavitsland3 weeks
6.0macOS: Notify socket notifier on connection errorMorten Johan Sørvig5 months
6.1opengl: fix a typo in QOpenGLPaintDevice::dotsPerMeterY()Liang Qi6 weeks
6.1.3Android: guard getStateCount() with correct VERSION.SDK_INTAssam Boudjelthia3 months
6.2QFuture: extend the docs to explain how to cancel continuation chainSona Kurazyan9 hours
6.2.1Android: set allowNativeHeapPointerTagging to false in the manifestAssam Boudjelthia7 weeks
6.2.2Update latest qt license agreementJani Heikkinen2 weeks
devFix incorrect rendering when moving widget into screenVolker Hilsheimer106 min.
v6.2.2commit eae95814a4...Antti Kokko9 days
v5.12.12commit 01272c0948...Antti Kokko13 days
v6.2.1commit 9fa805f7f8...Antti Kokko6 weeks
v6.2.0commit cc60cf83db...Antti Kokko2 months
v6.2.0-rc2commit 28792da875...Antti Kokko2 months
v6.2.0-rc1commit a1f6721fc8...Antti Kokko3 months
v6.2.0-beta4commit 8ec406b229...Antti Kokko3 months
v6.1.3commit b496064efa...Antti Kokko3 months
v6.2.0-beta3commit ff31815659...Antti Kokko4 months
v6.2.0-beta2commit 55b2a1e4fc...Jani Heikkinen4 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2013-11-15Disallow deep or widely nested entity references.old/5.1Mitch Curtis5-0/+159
2013-11-14Keep web fontdata alive as long as CG uses itAllan Sandfeld Jensen1-4/+13
2013-09-19OAuth over XMLHttpRequest failsAllan Sandfeld Jensen1-1/+1
2013-09-19Fix timing issue in incremental data retrieval mechanismGatis Paeglis2-5/+13
2013-09-19Implement INCR property mechanism for large data transfers [XCB]Gatis Paeglis3-4/+138
2013-09-19Fix transform (rotation matrix) uniform scale testing.Balazs Domjan1-5/+22
2013-09-19Fix QFileSystemWatcher inotifyRiccardo Ferrazzo3-5/+102
2013-09-18PNG: properly handle 1bpp greyscale images with alphaGiuseppe D'Angelo1-0/+9
2013-09-18Add missing initialization before requesting png data for scaled readSamuel Gaist1-7/+8
2013-09-17Fix sigchld-HandlerH. Rittich1-9/+31