BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
5.15Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/tqtc/lts-5.15.5' into tqtc/lts-5.15-open...Tarja Sundqvist3 months
6.2Android: use libexec path for qmlimportscannerAssam Boudjelthia4 months
6.2.4SQLite: Update SQLite to v3.37.2Andy Shaw5 months
6.3Fix initialization of QDateEdit and QTimeEditEdward Welbourne7 hours
6.3.0Android: Fix deadlock caused by a race between permissions query and IMJarkko Koivikko4 months
6.3.1Empty pre-release version in '6.3' seriesJani Heikkinen2 months
6.3.2QUnicodeTools: fix types used around th_brk()Marc Mutz4 days
6.4Remove unneeded @available check for macOS <= 10.14 and iOS <= 13Tor Arne Vestbø3 hours
devtst_qbytearray: remove qCompress_data for QT_NO_COMPRESSMarc Mutz44 min.
wip/protobufRemove assertion from ownMethodIndex that breaks testsSami Shalayel6 days
v6.4.0-beta2commit 379198828c...Akseli Salovaara5 weeks
v5.15.5-lts-lgplcommit 231d367098...Antti Kokko9 weeks
v6.4.0-beta1commit c3ad3ad419...Antti Kokko2 months
v6.3.1commit 8483dcde90...Antti Kokko2 months
v5.15.4-lts-lgplcommit ffdd372c7b...Antti Kokko3 months
v6.3.0commit 9554d315aa...Antti Kokko4 months
v6.3.0-rc1commit 136407e3eb...Antti Kokko5 months
v6.2.4commit d3b5353380...Antti Kokko5 months
v6.3.0-beta3commit 1d186e9a9a...Antti Kokko5 months
v6.3.0-beta2commit e851b6ea2c...Antti Kokko6 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2022-03-10qutf8stringview.h: don't rely on transitive include of qbytearrayview.hv6.3.0-beta3Marc Mutz1-0/+1
2022-03-10QStyle: Fix overflows and crash when converting slider positionsRobert Löhning2-7/+112
2022-03-10Consistently treat times before first rule as in its standard timeEdward Welbourne1-38/+38
2022-03-10Fix handling of out-of-range years in QTZP_winEdward Welbourne1-9/+8
2022-03-10Correct fake-DST detection and handling in QTZP_winEdward Welbourne1-27/+56
2022-03-10Correct handling of start-of-rule situations in QTZP_winEdward Welbourne1-5/+7
2022-03-10Fix deprecated uses of QScopedPointerMårten Nordheim26-109/+144
2022-03-10QAbstractSocket: update setSocketOption documentationMårten Nordheim1-0/+4
2022-03-10secure UDP server: do not use deprecated protocol (DTLS 1.0)Timur Pocheptsov1-6/+0
2022-03-10Blacklist: test cases blacklisted in tst_QSystemSemaphore:CI Insignificant Platforms Monitor Bot1-0/+4