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Add custom targets for documentation
Adds custom targets which take care of generating and installing documentation files. Every module has a global set of targets suffixed with the module name in order for them to be unique when we implement super builds. The targets are the same as the list below, but replace ${target} with the module's name. Eg.: docs_qtbase. For every target which has an qt_add_docs() call, we now create the following set of custom targets: * docs_${target} * html_docs_${target} * qch_docs_${target} * prepare_docs_${target} * generate_docs_${target} * install_docs_${target} * install_html_docs_${target} * install_qch_docs_${target} Fixes: QTBUG-75859 Change-Id: Ie84cb9a2dedbe7333d9a84f4d73383442deca477 Reviewed-by: Alexandru Croitor <>
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#include CoreMacros() for qt6_generate_meta_types()
+ ## Setup documentation
+ add_subdirectory(doc)
## Visit all the directories: