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Create module tools packages (config files) automatically
Previously you had to make sure to use DISABLE_TOOLS_EXPORT in an add_qt_module call if the tools are built after the module, as well as to manually call qt_export_tools after all associated tools are built. This was needlessly complex, especially for people that are porting a repo with tools for the first time. The tools package creation is now automatically done at QtPostProcess step, so there is no need to use either DISABLE_TOOLS_EXPORT or qt_export_tools() manually. DISABLE_TOOLS_EXPORT is now a no-op, and will be removed once all repos are updated not to use it. Change-Id: I965b0d3a8a0cb908afae87b047083ed7bea9f02f Reviewed-by: Qt CMake Build Bot Reviewed-by: Simon Hausmann <>
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@@ -58,9 +58,6 @@ if (QT_WILL_BUILD_TOOLS)
-# Need to build qmake and other Core tools before exporting them.
# As long as we use the mkspecs (for qplatformdefs.h), we need to always
# install it, especially when cross-compiling.
set(mkspecs_install_dir "${INSTALL_DATADIR}")