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Export tool config and target files for each relevant module
CMake will now generate config and target files for each module that provides tools. As a result, namespaced global targets such as Qt5::moc or Qt5::rcc can be made available. Third party projects that require just these tools, and not the Qt modules themselves, should specify CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH pointing to the installed Qt location, and call find_package(Qt5CoreTools), find_package(Qt5GuiTools), etc. It is also possible to call find_package(Qt5Tools REQUIRED Core Widgets) where the last option is a list of modules whose tools should be imported. Note that all the tools are in the Qt5:: namespace and not in the Qt5CoreTools:: or Qt5WidgetsTools:: namespace. This commit also changes the behavior regarding when to build tools while building Qt itself. When cross compiling Qt (checked via CMAKE_CROSSCOMPILING) or when -DQT_FORCE_FIND_TOOLS=TRUE is passed, tools added by add_qt_tool will always be searched for and not built. In this case the user has to specify the CMake variable QT_HOST_PATH pointing to an installed host Qt location. When not cross compiling, tools added by add_qt_tool are built from source. When building leaf modules (like qtsvg) that require some tool that was built in qtbase (like moc), the module project should contain a find_package(Qt5ToolsCore) call and specify an appropriate CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH so that the tool package is found. Note that because HOST_QT_TOOLS_DIRECTORY was replaced by QT_HOST_PATH, the ensure syncqt code was changed to make it work properly with both qtbase and qtsvg. Here's a list of tools and their module associations: qmake, moc, rcc, tracegen, qfloat16-tables, qlalr -> CoreTools qvkgen -> GuiTools uic -> WidgetTools dbus related tools -> DBusTools Task-number: QTBUG-74134 Change-Id: Ie67d1e2f8de46102b48eca008f0b50caf4fbe3ed Reviewed-by: Tobias Hunger <>
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get_filename_component(_qt_cmake_dir "${CMAKE_CURRENT_LIST_DIR}/.." ABSOLUTE)
# set(@INSTALL_CMAKE_NAMESPACE@_NOT_FOUND_MESSAGE "The Qt package requires at least one component")