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Fix XCB feature detection
The xcb feature controls whether to build the xcb platform plugin. The feature depends among other things on qt_find_package(XCB 1.9 PROVIDED_TARGETS XCB::XCB) to succeed. This means at the moment setting XCB_FOUND to true, that's what the condition checks. Later on, in configure.cmake, we also check for other components in the XCB package, for example: qt_find_package(XCB COMPONENTS XINPUT PROVIDED_TARGETS XCB::XINPUT) If this component is not available, the xcb platform plugin has perhaps reduce functionality, but it should be built and the feature should be abled. However it isn't, because when that find_package call fails, XCB_FOUND will be set to false. And that in turn will disable the feature as the condition fails. Therefore this patch changes the condition to check for the presence of the XCB::XCB target instead. Change-Id: I534087d8c3b7ff5edf81a5ffcf16cc0bb78b9fb7 Reviewed-by: Alexandru Croitor <>
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