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QtGui/math3d: Fix QQuaternion::getEulerAngles for GimbalLock cases
This is heavily inspired by the patch written by Inho Lee <>, which says "There is a precision problem in the previous algorithm when checking pitch value. (In the case that the rotation on the X-axis makes Gimbal lock.)" In order to work around the precision problem, this patch does: 1. switch to the algorithm described in the inline comment to make the story simple. 2. forcibly normalize the {x, y, z, w} components to eliminate fractional errors. 3. set threshold to avoid hidden division by cos(pitch) =~ 0. From my testing which compares dot product of the original quaternion and the one recreated from Euler angles, calculation within float range seems okay. (abs(normalize(q_orig) * normalize(q_roundtrip)) >= 0.99999) Many thanks to Inho Lee for the original patch and discussion about rounding errors. Fixes: QTBUG-72103 Pick-to: 6.3 6.2 5.15 Change-Id: I8995e4affe603111ff2303a0dfcbdb0b1ae03f10 Reviewed-by: Yuya Nishihara <> Reviewed-by: Inho Lee <> Reviewed-by: Qt CI Bot <>
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