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Bring qmetaobjectbuilder in sync with moc
qmetaobjectbuilder should generate meta-objects of the same version as moc; in the future, when the moc version is bumped, QMOB has to be adapted at the same time. QMOB was generating version 4 meta-objects. This patch makes it generate version 6 (the current version). This also fixes a bug with using qt_static_metacall with QMOB (setStaticMetacallFunction()); it was already using the version 6 qt_static_metacall signature, which isn't compatible with version 4. Also add tests that ensure that the QMOB-generated meta-object works with real objects; in particular we want to test the codepaths in Qt that check for version >= 4. Change-Id: I64a151ea5c947a6f8b7a00e85a39866446c735e9 Reviewed-by: Bradley T. Hughes <>
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