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Add initial support for cross-building to iOS
Tested locally with the following configurations: - iOS device builds (arm64) - iOS simulator builds (x86_64) - iOS simulator_and_device builds (fat arm64 and x86_64 archives) All iOS builds currently require a custom vcpkg fork which contains fixes for building the required 3rd party libraries. qtsvg, qtdeclarative, qtgraphicaleffects and qtquickcontrols2 have also been tested to build successfully. simulator_and_device builds are also supported, but require an umerged patch in upstream CMake as well as further patches to vcpkg. Task-number: QTBUG-75576 Change-Id: Icd29913fbbd52a60e07ea5253fd9c7af7f8ce44c Reviewed-by: Cristian Adam <> Reviewed-by: Qt CMake Build Bot Reviewed-by: Leander Beernaert <>
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+cmake_minimum_required(VERSION 3.15.0)
+project(arch LANGUAGES CXX)
+set_property(TARGET architecture_test PROPERTY MACOSX_BUNDLE FALSE)
+target_sources(architecture_test PRIVATE arch.cpp)