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Enable precompiled headers on iOS, tvOS, watchOS
The actual blocker for precompiled headers is not the iOS/tvOS/watchOS platforms, but the way qmake handled multiple-architecture builds on Apple platforms. This patch allows multi-arch builds to be performed while using precompiled headers. Since df91ef3d6c55692a0236f67b6c6b134a3bf84098 (April 2009), Clang has had support for PCH files in the driver, which allows to use the -include flag to automatically translate to -include-pch. We can then take advantage of the fact that the -include option is allowed to not be separate from its argument, which lets us take advantage of -Xarch to specify a per-architecture precompiled header file. This is done through some magic in the qmake Makefile generator which "multiplexes" the PCH creation rule across multiple architectures and replaces a series of tokens with the proper precompiled header paths and architecture flags at usage point. Change-Id: I76c8dc9cda7e218869c2919f023d9b04f311c6fd Reviewed-by: Oswald Buddenhagen <>
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"precompile_header": {
"description": "Using precompiled headers",
- "condition": "config.msvc || (!config.uikit && tests.precompile_header)",
+ "condition": "config.msvc || tests.precompile_header",
"output": [
{ "type": "varRemove", "negative": true, "name": "CONFIG", "value": "'precompile_header'" }