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fix sysrootification of install paths
initially, the idea was that QLibraryInfo would receive a pre-sysrootified ExtPrefix from the builtin qt.conf. matching this against the sysroot would then tell us whether to sysrootify the Prefix from a "regular" qt.conf as well. however, this would have lead to some major ugliness and inconsistency between the code paths, so i changed my mind. unfortunately, i failed to adjust the remaining code, leading to 169a40d51 entirely breaking sysrootification ... the proper (and nicely consistent) solution is to introduce a SysrootifyPrefix key to qt.conf. this is user-accessible as well, so as a bonus it is now possible to adjust the setting at qmake installation time. incidentally, this omission was the last thing that prevented using the same qmake host build for any imaginable configuration of the same qt version ... i think. Change-Id: Ic0eebf21f93651f6374628c0ad8b206d696a4a7e Reviewed-by: Andy Nichols <>
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diff --git a/configure.pri b/configure.pri
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--- a/configure.pri
+++ b/configure.pri
@@ -680,6 +680,7 @@ defineReplace(printHostPaths) {
$$printInstallPath(HostLibraries, hostlibdir, lib) \
$$printInstallPath(HostData, hostdatadir, .) \
"Sysroot=$$config.input.sysroot" \
+ "SysrootifyPrefix=$$qmake_sysrootify" \
"TargetSpec=$$XSPEC" \