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Force -fPIE on ELF if Qt is built with reduced relocations
Put in qconfig.h whether qt is compiled with reduced relocations. When using -Bsymbolic-functions (enabled by default on Qt) but not -fPIE, the comparison of the function pointers fail because the addresses are different in Qt, and in the executable. Hence we now enable -fPIE by default on qmake, and force a compilation error when it is not enabled and built with reduced relocations. Done-with: Sune Vuorela <> Change-Id: Ib3fdba06fab6e8a93b75b4c6cf16cc973ab335db Reviewed-by: Bradley T. Hughes <> Reviewed-by: Thiago Macieira <>
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--- a/configure
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@@ -7066,6 +7066,11 @@ else
echo "#define QT_POINTER_SIZE $?" >>"$outpath/src/corelib/global/"
+#REDUCE_RELOCATIONS is a elf/unix only thing, so not in windows configure.exe
+if [ "$CFG_REDUCE_RELOCATIONS" = "yes" ]; then
+ echo "#define QT_REDUCE_RELOCATIONS" >>"$outpath/src/corelib/global/"
echo "" >>"$outpath/src/corelib/global/"