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Fix crash in somewhat faulty QGraphicsProxyWidget unit test.
The crash is deep inside QGraphicsSceneIndex, which calls boundingRect() on the item that is being destroyed. The vtable is busted, resulting in a pure virtual function call. There's a more proper fix for this lying around somewhere but in this particular case we can get the test to not crash by guarding based on whether the item has a cursor set. This also happens to speed up QGraphicsItem destruction a bit so I figured it's a win-win situation to fix it. This case will still crash if the item actually had a cursor set but that makes the case even more narrow. Generally speaking, creating objects partially on the stack and partially on the heap, mixing parent/child relationships and then deleting one of the heap objects is quite sketchy and I doubt it happens much outside of this unit test. Change-Id: I25393d2cafb1256269ab6681519bd554cc380bfd Reviewed-by: Friedemann Kleint <>
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