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Make maemo scope syntax in project files more generic
It is necessary to use the n9 device file for now in scratchbox or/and on the community open build service because the maemo platform mkspecs file assumes that a cross-toolchain is used all the time. If no platform file is used, then for instance certain plugins may not be built in general. There is currently an ongoing issue with the meego plugin for context management in the Harmattan components project. That is currently not built due to this issue, so no orientation works in those applications. The nice solution would be to make the maemo platform file work with cross and native toolchains as well, but that requires a decent amount of investigation and work. Thereby, the scope is extended this way for now. Change-Id: I172c7d152bdbb2db279526d9fd1ca5648d0cd0a9 Reviewed-by: Simon Hausmann <>
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diff --git a/configure b/configure
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--- a/configure
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@@ -2455,7 +2455,7 @@ fi
case `basename "$XPLATFORM"` in win32-g++*) XPLATFORM_MINGW=yes;; esac
-case "$XPLATFORM" in linux-g++-maemo) XPLATFORM_MAEMO=yes;; esac
+case "$XPLATFORM" in *-maemo*) XPLATFORM_MAEMO=yes;; esac
case "$XPLATFORM" in *qnx-*|*blackberry-*) XPLATFORM_QNX=yes;; esac
if [ -d "$PLATFORM" ]; then