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QThreadPool: fix data races in activeThreadCount()
Rather than trying to make it lock-free (which requires double-bookkeeping of 4 atomic ints!), just lock the mutex before calling it. tst_bench_qthreadpool shows no difference whatsoever between the two solutions, I get 0.005 msecs per iteration in startRunnables(). Of course looping over calls to activeThreadCount() is a bit slower, from 0.0002 msecs per iteration to 0.00027 msecs, i.e. 35% more. But polling activeThreadCount() from the app is a really wrong thing to do anyway, this benchmark was just for my own curiosity about the price of a mutex in a function that sums up 4 ints. What matters is start() performance, which is unchanged (0.00007 msecs is just noise compared to a 0.005 total, that's 1.4%). Change-Id: I993444eef8bc68eff9badd581fae3626dfd1cc6d Reviewed-by: Olivier Goffart <>
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