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+Qt 3.2 introduces new features as well as many improvements over the
+3.1.x series. This file gives an overview of the main changes since
+version 3.1.2. For more details, see the online documentation which
+is included in this distribution. The documentation is also available
+The Qt version 3.2 series is binary compatible with the 3.1.x series.
+Applications compiled for 3.1 will continue to run with 3.2.
+* General *
+Controls developed with ActiveQt support aggregation, which makes it
+possible to use them in containers that require this form of containment to
+be supported. ActiveQt also supports masked controls in containers that
+support this for window'ed controls.
+Note: Qt 3.2 is the last version to officially support IRIX MIPSpro
+o32 and Sun CC 5.0. A script, $QTDIR/bin/qt32castcompat, is provided
+for 3.2 which needs to be run for these compilers.
+* Library *
+- QApplication
+ Win32 only: Stop compressing mouse move events when a change
+ in the key state is detected. Allow multiple QApplication
+ objects be created sequentially by resetting the pointers to
+ static objects on destruction.
+- QClipboard
+ X11 only: Various fixes.
+- QDockWindow
+ Various layout fixes.
+- QFont related classes
+ Many fixes and improvements.
+- QGLWidget
+ X11 only: Various fixes to make pixmap rendering work better
+ with accelerated nVidia drivers.
+- QImage
+ Fixed writing of QImages.
+- QLayout
+ Fixed layout to take the menu bar's minimum width into
+ consideration and correctly propagate spacing() from parent to
+ child layouts.
+- QLineEdit
+ Replace all non-printable characters with spaces when
+ drawing. Added new function selectionStart() which returns
+ the index of the first selected character in the line edit.
+- QListBox
+ Improved item search based on keystrokes.
+- QListView
+ Don't move the inline item editor out of the visible area for
+ wide items. Ignore +/- indicator for columns other than the
+ first one. Fixed keyboard handling in Multi selection
+ mode. Improve drawing of extremely long item texts.
+- QListViewItem
+ Respects icons vertical alignment properly.
+- QMYSQLDriver
+ Better support for MySQL/embedded. Bind TEXT blob fields as
+ strings instead of byte arrays.
+- QPainter
+ Qt/Embedded only: Fixed printing issues.
+- QPrinter
+ Mac only: Fixed printing issues.
+- QSocketDevice
+ Windows only: Fixed setBlocking(TRUE) to work properly.
+- QString
+ Fixed toShort() and toUShort() to behave correctly when passed
+ a null pointer as 'ok' value.
+- QStyleFactory
+ Return the correct style name from the factory for the
+ WindowsXP style.
+- QTable
+ Replace old contents when editing. Take hidden rows into
+ account when activating cells. Clear the cell widget when
+ clearing a cell.
+- QTextBrowser
+ Fixed table headers to be bold.
+- QTextEdit
+ Implemented insertAt() for LogText mode. Fixed undoAvailable
+ and redoAvailable to be emitted correctly from the context
+ menu. Fixed tripleclick selection in QTextEdit.
+- QToolButton
+ Prevent nested openings of the tool button popups.
+- QWindowsXPStyle
+ Various paint bug fixes.
+- QWorkspace
+ Fixed workspace to keep the active window when
+ tiling. Improved icon handling for maximized and minimized
+ windows.