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+Qt 4.1.4 is a bug-fix release. It maintains both forward and backward
+compatibility (source and binary) with Qt 4.1.0.
+The Qt version 4.1 series is binary compatible with the 4.0.x series.
+Applications compiled for 4.0 will continue to run with 4.1.
+* General *
+Configure / Compilation
+ Compile with -no-qt3support on Windows.
+ Compile on Linux with icc 9.1.
+ Compile on tru64-g++.
+ Compile MySQL plugin with client libraries below MySQL 4.1.
+ Compile SQLite on Tru64 V5.1B with gcc 3.3.4.
+ Compile ODBC plugin on 64-bit Windows.
+ Disable fastcall calling convention on faulty gcc compilers.
+Demos / Examples
+ Fixed a crash in the Torrent example.
+ Container extension example: Fixed regression that caused Designer
+ to crash when previewing a MultiPageWidget and changing the page.
+ Generate unique object names for splitters.
+* Library *
+General improvements
+- Fixed crash in QGLWidget::makeCurrent() when called from a thread not
+ created with QThread.
+- Fixed a crash that occurred when writing a PNG image when Qt is built
+ statically.
+- Fixed Arabic shaping for some fonts.
+- Limited the character string to 255 characters when writing Type1 fonts to
+ a PostScript file, in accordance with the PostScript specification.
+- Fixed regression in painting of clipped, cosmetic lines with angles of
+ 0-45 degrees.
+- Documented the rules for starting and stopping timers in multithreaded
+ applications.
+- QCommonStyle
+ Added protection against null pointer in pixelMetric() for
+ PM_TabBarTabVSpace.
+- QDirModel
+ Fixed crash when dragging and dropping a file into a directory.
+- QHeaderView
+ Fixed painting errors when scrolling a header that has a large
+ number of sections.
+- QListView
+ Fixed assert when hiding all the rows.
+ Fixed crash when setting the model to a null pointer.
+- QMainWindow
+ Fixed possible crash when calling setCentralWidget() multiple
+ times.
+- QPainter
+ Fixed a regression in drawPoint() that caused painting errors
+ when setting the pen width to 0 (e.g. cosmetic pen) and then
+ setting a scale.
+- QPlastiqueStyle
+ Fixed a regression that caused flat push buttons to be painted
+ like normal push buttons.
+- QSortFilterProxyModel
+ Emit modelReset() signal when setting a source model.
+- QTextEdit
+ Ensure that the cursor is visible after dragging & dropping text
+- QTreeView
+ Fixed potential assert when asking for the coordinates of a
+ non-existing item.
+ Fixed a regression that caused selections to be painted
+ incorrectly when the last column was hidden.
+- QWidget
+ Fixed crash when deleting the widget in closeEvent().
+- QWorkspace
+ Fixed crash caused by setting the window title when windowWidget is
+ null.
+Platform-Specific changes
+- Fixed a bug that caused application text to be absent in Qt applications
+ on Windows NT 4.0.
+- Fixed resource leak in non-accelerated GL contexts.
+- Improved performance of clipped bitmaps on systems that don't use XRender.
+- Made QFont::setStretch() work when using FontConfig/FreeType fonts.
+- Documented scrolling of transparent/opaque widgets.
+ Support OddEven fill rule.
+ Fixed a regression that caused drawImage() to ignore the width
+ and height of the source rectangle and draw the whole image without
+ any clipping.
+Qtopia Core:
+- Fixed crash due to incorrect assembly code in implementation of
+ q_atomic_swp() for ARM.
+- Set the Q_PACKED macro when using icc on ARM, so that the generated
+ code is binary compatible with gcc-generated code.