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Initial import from the monolithic Qt.
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+Qt 4.7.3 is a bug-fix release. It maintains both forward and backward
+compatibility (source and binary) with Qt 4.7.0. For more details,
+refer to the online documentation included in this distribution. The
+documentation is also available online:
+The Qt version 4.7 series is binary compatible with the 4.6.x series.
+Applications compiled for 4.6 will continue to run with 4.7.
+Some of the changes listed in this file include issue tracking numbers
+corresponding to tasks in the Qt Bug Tracker or the Merge Request queue
+of the public source repository.
+Qt Bug Tracker:
+Merge Request:
+* Library *
+- SSL
+* [QTBUG-18338] blacklist fraudulent SSL certificates
+* Platform Specific Changes *
+Qt for Symbian
+- Bearer Management
+* [QTBUG-15108] Deadlock between SymbianEngine mutex and
+QNetworkConfigurationPrivate mutex in the symbian bearer code
+* [QTBUG-17627] qnetworksession.h Q_DECLARE_METATYPE breaks building
+QtMobility QtBearer depending applications
+- GraphicsView
+* [QTBUG-17966] Major regression in QGraphicsView OpenVG backend
+- Declarative
+* [QTBUG-17503] Export qml debugging symbols on Symbian
+- Widgets
+* [QTBUG-17786] BC between Qt 4.7.3 and 4.6.3 QTreeView::indexRowSizeHint
+doesn't return correct value on Symbian for row when QPushButton widget is
+inserted in the treeview
+* [QTBUG-4953] QMessageBox can not be closed/dismissed on touch phones if any
+widget is fullscreen
+- Painting
+* [QTBUG-17907] tst_QGraphicsTransform::rotation3d test case from
+tests/auto/qgraphicstransfor is failed for some rotation angle on
+Symbian^3 devices
+* [QTBUG-18154] Symbian's QPixmap::logicalDpi[X\Y]() incorrectly
+returns MAXINT