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QSqlTableModel::setData(): no longer autosubmit for OnRowChange
The model can never do a good job of knowing when user moves to a new row in the view. Faking it by detecting when another row is changed was not a good solution because it cannot detect when the last edited row is left. Either the view should automatically submit when the user leaves a row or the application should provide a way to submit. This change made it possible to reuse the logic of flags() in setData(). Change-Id: I2550e5b113bceba1a852fc21203babeca07c5748 Reviewed-by: Honglei Zhang <>
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@@ -446,6 +446,8 @@ Instead, pending (failed) changes cause new changes inappropriate to the
edit strategy to be refused. The application should resolve or revert pending
changes. insertRows() and insertRecord() also respect the edit strategy.
+* QSqlTableModel::setData() and setRecord() in OnRowChange no longer have the
+side effect of submitting the cached row when invoked on a different row.
* Database Drivers *