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Remove the TRUE and FALSE macros
They are completely unused in Qt, and are a potential source of compilation errors in application code. Change-Id: I6dfe2891f3b2365a30048f99c31e8e3a2425e62b Reviewed-by: Friedemann Kleint <> Reviewed-by: Andreas Holzammer <> Reviewed-by: Oswald Buddenhagen <>
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@@ -60,6 +60,8 @@ information about a particular change.
in Qt4, so these methods return a bool now. If your code used the undocumented
QBool, simply replace it with bool.
+- The old macros TRUE and FALSE have been removed, use true and false instead.
- qIsDetached<> has been removed without replacement.
- The return type of QFlags<Enum>::operator int() now matches the Enum's underlying