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QModelIndex: clean up integer size confusion in the API
QAIM::createIndex() took either int or quint32, but QMI::internalId() returned qint64. In the new interface, createIndex() takes, and internalId() provides, integers of type quintptr. This matches the storage size of the void* in the model index and avoids truncation. Remove the createIndex(int, int, quint32) and \obsolete createIndex(int,int,int) overloads. This makes a literal 0 in the third parameter ambiguous now. The solutions have been noted in changes-5.0.0. Change-Id: I0a0ecd8430eaf695129a4d09d14d4e30745485c4 Reviewed-by: Stephen Kelly <>
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@@ -186,6 +186,15 @@ information about a particular change.
* The signature of the createEditor and valuePropertyName methods
have been changed to take arguments of type int instead of QVariant::Type.
+- QModelIndex/QAbstractItemModel
+ * The integer value that can be stored in a QModelIndex is now of type
+ quintptr to match the size of the internal storage location.
+ * The createIndex() method now only provides the void* and quintptr
+ overloads, making calls with a literal 0 (createIndex(row, col, 0))
+ ambiguous. Either cast (quintptr(0)) or omit the third argument
+ (to get the void* overload).
- QWindowSystemInterface:
* The signature of all handleTouchEvent() variants have changed,