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QSqlTableModel::removeRows(): require valid full range of rows
If an invalid range of rows is specified, it's likely to be a programming or user error. The old behavior of ignoring out of range rows seems dangerous and complicates the code. Also implement the documented behavior of returning false if changes are unsuccessful for OnFieldChange and OnRowChange. Previously the return value of submit() was ignored. Updated and improved documentation. Change-Id: Iaaf51c6d9a0c8c06fd5d186b4b88358fbeab9936 Reviewed-by: Yunqiao Yin <>
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* removeRows() no longer emits extra beforeDelete signal for out of range row.
+* removeRows() now requires the whole range of targetted rows to be valid
+before doing anything. Previously, it would remove what it could and
+ignore the rest of the range.
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