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@@ -364,6 +364,22 @@ QtWidgets
the proper Qt API: due to the version bump, QStyle will try to use the additional
QStyleOption members, which are left default-initialized.
+* QHeaderView - The following functions have been obsoleted.
+ * void setMovable(bool movable) - use void setSectionsMovable(bool movable) instead.
+ * bool isMovable() const - use bool sectionsMovable() const instead.
+ * void setClickable(bool clickable) - use void setSectionsClickable(bool clickable) instead.
+ * bool isClickable() const - use bool sectionsClickable() instead.
+ * void setResizeMode(int logicalindex, ResizeMode mode) -
+ use setSectionResizeMode(logicalindex, mode) instead.
+ * ResizeMode resizeMode(int logicalindex) const -
+ use sectionResizeMode(int logicalindex) instead.
* QHostAddress::isLoopback() API added. Returns true if the address is
@@ -409,6 +425,9 @@ model methods setData() or setRecord().
before doing anything. Previously, it would remove what it could and
ignore the rest of the range.
+* removeRows(), for OnFieldChange and OnRowChange, allows only 1 row to be
+removed and only if there are no other changed rows.
* setRecord() and insertRecord()
-Only use fields where generated flag is set to true. This is
is consistent with the meaning of the flag.
@@ -416,6 +435,7 @@ ignore the rest of the range.
map were simply ignored.
-For OnManualSubmit, insertRecord() no longer leaves behind an empty
row if setRecord() fails.
+ -setRecord() now automatically submits for OnRowChange.
* QSqlQueryModel::indexInQuery() is now virtual. See
QSqlTableModel::indexInQuery() as example of how to implement in a
@@ -432,6 +452,17 @@ done after committing. This includes deleted rows which remain in
the model as blank rows until the application calls select(). Instead,
selectRow() is called to refresh only the affected row.
+* QSqlTableModel::isDirty(): New overloaded method to check whether model
+has any changes to submit. QTBUG-3108
+* QSqlTableModel::setData() and setRecord() no longer revert pending changes
+that fail upon resubmitting for edit strategies OnFieldChange and OnRowChange.
+Instead, pending (failed) changes cause new changes inappropriate to the
+edit strategy to be refused. The application should resolve or revert pending
+changes. insertRows() and insertRecord() also respect the edit strategy.
+* QSqlTableModel::setData() and setRecord() in OnRowChange no longer have the
+side effect of submitting the cached row when invoked on a different row.
* Database Drivers *