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Make mid() and midRef() properly return empty, non-null objects
If we request a substring starting at the very end of the string, QString::mid should return an empty string, not a null string. For instance, QString("abc").mid(3, 0) used to return a null one, while this patch makes it return an empty one. The same thing applies to QString::midRef() and QByteArray::mid(). Change-Id: Ie9efd7a0622d429efd0fb682c19856c19e9469af Reviewed-by: Lars Knoll <>
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@@ -221,6 +221,11 @@ QtCore
altering the watchlist in both the singular and QStringList overloads of
addPath and removePath.
+* QString::mid, QString::midRef and QByteArray::mid, if the position passed
+ is equal to the length (that is, right after the last character/byte),
+ now return an empty QString, QStringRef or QByteArray respectively.
+ in Qt 4 they returned a null QString or a null QStringRef.
* Accessibility has been refactored. The hierachy of accessible objects is implemented via