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QSqlTM: use generated flag more correctly in setRecord()/insertRecord()
The generated flag should affect the generation of SQL commands rather than how the fields of the source record are applied to the model before submitting. This correction allows setRecord() to be used to change TRUE generated flags to FALSE. Clarified documentation on this point and updated change log. Change-Id: I7ee124930822561ed8beee6c6259970b3e929c9b Reviewed-by: Michael Goddard <>
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@@ -513,8 +513,9 @@ ignore the rest of the range.
removed and only if there are no other changed rows.
* setRecord() and insertRecord()
- -Only use fields where generated flag is set to true. This is
- is consistent with the meaning of the flag.
+ -The generated flags from the source record are preserved in the model
+ and determine which fields are included when changes are applied to
+ the database.
-Require all fields to map correctly. Previously fields that didn't
map were simply ignored.
-For OnManualSubmit, insertRecord() no longer leaves behind an empty