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QSqlTableModel: use selectRow() for field and row edit strategies
Calling select refreshes the query data but disrupts view navigation. For OnFieldChange and OnRecordChange it makes sense to only select the row in question. This does not disturb view navigation. Assume disruption of view navigation is not a problem for OnManualSubmit because the user or application decides when submitAll is called. Task-number: QTBUG-2875 Change-Id: I1e5f68668fb9102f6296d67d543e80daa403f1c4 Reviewed-by: Yunqiao Yin <>
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QSqlTableModel::indexInQuery() as example of how to implement in a
+* QSqlTableModel edit strategies OnFieldChange/OnRowChange QTBUG-2875
+Previously, after changes were submitted in these edit strategies, select()
+was called which removed and inserted all rows. This ruined navigation
+in QTableView. Now, with these edit strategies, there is no implicit select()
+done after committing. This includes deleted rows which remain in
+the model as blank rows until the application calls select(). Instead,
+selectRow() is called to refresh only the affected row.
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