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@@ -347,6 +347,16 @@ QtGui
information like capability flags, point-specific flags, velocity,
and raw positions.
+* A new set of enabler classes have been added, most importantly QWindow, QScreen,
+ QSurfaceFormat, and QOpenGLContext.
+* Most of the useful QtOpenGL classes have been polished and moved into
+ QtGui. See QOpenGLFramebufferObject, QOpenGLShaderProgram,
+ QOpenGLFunctions, etc.
+* QOpenGLPaintDevice has been added to be able to use QPainter to render into
+ the currently bound context.
* QInputContext removed as well as related getters and setters on QWidget and QApplication.
@@ -395,6 +405,11 @@ QtNetwork
+* Most of the classes in this module (with the notable exception of QGLWidget)
+ now have equivalents in QtGui, along with the naming change QGL -> QOpenGL.
+ The classes in QtOpenGL that have equivalents in QtGui can now be considered
+ deprecated.
@@ -555,10 +570,9 @@ Qt for Windows CE
- QPointer
- * QPointer itself is now deprecated, and the implementation of QPointer
- has been changed to use QWeakPointer. The old guard mechanism has been
- removed. This causes two slight changes in behavior when using
- QPointer:
+ * The implementation of QPointer has been changed to use QWeakPointer. The
+ old guard mechanism has been removed. This causes a slight change
+ in behavior when using QPointer:
* When using QPointer on a QWidget (or a subclass of QWidget), previously
the QPointer would be cleared by the QWidget destructor. Now, the QPointer
@@ -566,12 +580,6 @@ Qt for Windows CE
cleared). Any QPointers tracking a widget will NOT be cleared before the
QWidget destructor destroys the children for the widget being tracked.
- * When constructing a QSharedPointer to take ownership of an object after a
- QPointer is already tracking the object. Previously, the shared pointer
- construction would not be affected by the QPointer, but now that QPointer
- is implemented using QWeakPoiner, constructing the QSharedPointer will
- cause an abort().
- QVariant