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QSqlTableModel::setRecord(): improve handling of field mapping
-Only use fields where generated flag is set to true. -Require all fields to map correctly. If fields don't map, that is a sign of a programming or user error. Change-Id: Ie8474393005de6c9926b4e46985d62b194eafde2 Reviewed-by: Yunqiao Yin <>
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@@ -350,6 +350,11 @@ model methods setData() or setRecord().
before doing anything. Previously, it would remove what it could and
ignore the rest of the range.
+* setRecord() and insertRecord()
+ -Only use fields where generated flag is set to true. This is
+ is consistent with the meaning of the flag.
+ -Require all fields to map correctly. Previously fields that didn't
+ map were simply ignored.
* Database Drivers *