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QHeaderView - add parameter to control sizeHint precision
Currently Qt looks at 1000 rows when scaling a column. That can be slow in some situations and too inaccurate in others. With this patch we leave it up to the user to decide how precise e.g resizeToContents should be. Change-Id: I6ef60f9a3bb40fc331ce1a1544fdc77488d20ca3 Reviewed-by: Stephen Kelly <>
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@@ -25,3 +25,7 @@ QtWidgets
- QAbstractScrollArea now has a SizeAdjustPolicy. If it is set to AdjustToContents
it will make use of the new protected viewportSizeHint() (binary compatible since it
was reserved in Qt5). This function returns a suggested size based on contents.
+- [QTBUG-4206] QTableView resizeToContents will now adjust to actual contents
+ and not just visible area. QHeaderView::setAutoResizePrecision() has been
+ introduced to control how precise the autoResize should be.