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SIC: QPrintSupport - Remove options api from QPageSetupDialog
QPageSetupDialog has an enum PageSetupDialogOption, however one option had support removed in Qt 4.5 and the remaining 2 are actually for an internal implementation detail that could lead to memory leaks if changed by an app. This change removes the enum and the api as they is now useless. Change-Id: I9a3ab689dcab57151de894db5ebf22f6ad90d71e Reviewed-by: Lars Knoll <> Reviewed-by: John Layt <>
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@@ -276,6 +276,9 @@ information about a particular change.
QColorDialog::setCustomColor() and QColorDialog::setStandardColor() now
take a QColor value for their second parameter instead of QRgb.
+- QPageSetupDialog has had the PageSetupDialogOption enum and the api to
+ set and get the enum removed as none of the Options are used any more.
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