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Document the BC break of viewportSizeHint() in itemviews
Since users were not supposed to use this feature at all, just live with the BC break, but document it. In order to prevent possible problems in the future, introduce dummy overrides in QAbstractItemView and QListView as well. Also, fix the visibility of the overrides (it's protected, not public). Task-number: QTBUG-34667 Change-Id: Ib4554ae5e1e7d3ce4ea8e8703e1fea9e2231edb0 Reviewed-by: Marc Mutz <>
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@@ -34,8 +34,12 @@ QtWidgets
- QAbstractScrollArea now has a SizeAdjustPolicy. If it is set to AdjustToContents
- it will make use of the new protected viewportSizeHint() (binary compatible since it
- was reserved in Qt5). This function returns a suggested size based on contents.
+ it will make use of the protected viewportSizeHint() virtual function. This
+ function returns a suggested size based on contents. Note that although the
+ viewportSizeHint() virtual function was reserved in 5.0, user code was not
+ supposed to be overriding it (as the function was private and undocumented).
+ Code that was overriding viewportSizeHint() needs to be recompiled against 5.2
+ for this feature to work correctly.
- QTreeView now has setTreePosition to allow the treestructure to show data from other
columns than logicalindex zero.