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QFileDialog: document the consequences of being "widgetless"
After 37ca2224eca671200a2710f57f970d2993e62aa5 it's an exposed behavior change that the widgets and related paraphernalia don't exist. Task-number: QTBUG-34100 Change-Id: Ie0ebcb8c5c5668b6c12c5447f25bfbfd893dec6c Reviewed-by: Jerome Pasion <>
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@@ -35,6 +35,11 @@ QtWidgets
- QFileDialog::setDefaultSuffix() removes leading dot characters.
+- [QTBUG-34132] QFileDialog does not instantiate widgets if a native dialog
+ will be used instead. Therefore some accessors which previously returned
+ unused objects will now return null. As before, you can set the
+ DontUseNativeDialog option to ensure that widgets will be created and used instead.
- QSizePolicy got a retainSizeWhenHidden attribute.
- [QTBUG-31602] QSpinBox size calculation will now be fixed when stylesheets are