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QSignalBlocker: (new) RAII class for QObject::blockSignals()
I don't think I ever worked on a project of non-trivial size that didn't at some point add a QSignalBlocker. This commit adds code, tests and documentation. Later commits will convert naked blockSignals() calls to use QSignalBlocker. The implementation is purely inline to avoid the heavy overhead of cross-dll function calls for this miniscule task. This should not be a problem because QSignalBlocker only uses public API and a pattern that we anyway need to keep working until Qt 6, at least, so even changing the implementation later will be no problem as the old implementation lurking in non-recompiled code will be acceptable, too. This implementation is an evolution from KDTools' KDSignalBlocker, with the following changes: - Implements unblock() and reblock() - Uses the return value of blockSignals() instead of a separate signalsBlocked() call. Change-Id: I1933dfd72a0f5190324be377cfca3c54cf3d6828 Reviewed-by: Olivier Goffart <>
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+- QSignalBlocker: (new) RAII wrapper around QObject::blockSignals()