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Remove QVariant constructor taking Qt::GlobalColor.
The constructor is wrong, it creates instance of QVariant encapsulating a QColor instance. QVariant should not implicitly convert data, never. Change-Id: Idc794ecdecb42d8b53fee3f993bf51ddd43f595d Reviewed-by: Lars Knoll <>
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@@ -68,6 +68,12 @@ information about a particular change.
method returns void is to compare the return value of QMetaMethod::returnType()
to QMetaType::Void.
+- QVariant:
+ * Inconsistent constructor taking Qt::GlobalColor and producing QVariant(QColor)
+ instance was removed. Code constructing such variants can be migrated by
+ explicitly calling QColor constructor. For example from "QVariant(Qt::red)"
+ to "QVariant(QColor(Qt::red))"
- QTestLib:
* The plain-text, xml and lightxml test output formats have been changed to
show a test result for every row of test data in data-driven tests. In