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+Qt 5 Documentation
+New in Qt 5.0, each module has its own documentation package. The documentation
+resides in the module sources as well as the configuration files needed to build
+the module documentation. The main Qt 5.0 Reference Documentation resides in the
+qtdoc repository.
+There are two ways to build Qt documentation:
+* run "make docs" in qt5/ or in the repositories
+* run the QDoc tool for each module
+Running "make docs"
+To build the documentation using Makefiles, qtbase needs to be compiled and
+Running qmake will create make targets to build the documentation:
+* html_docs - builds only the HTML documentation
+* qch_docs - packages the HTML documentation into QCH files for Qt Creator and
+ Qt Assistant.
+* docs - runs html_docs and qch_docs
+Note: qch_docs needs qhelpgenerator to package the documentation. qhelpgenerator
+is in the qttools repository.
+These make targets use qmake's QT_INSTALL_DOCS variable as the output directory.
+Running "qmake -query" will list the directory set to QT_INSTALL_DOCS.
+To create all of the modules' documentation, run "make docs" in the
+qt5 directory:
+ $> make docs # builds the bundled modules' documentation
+It is also possible to build only a small subset of the documentation by using
+ $> cd qtbase
+ $> make docs # builds the documentation for modules in qtbase
+ $> cd qtbase/src/sql
+ $> make docs # builds only the Qt SQL documentation
+Running QDoc
+QDoc is the tool for generating Qt documentation and is located in qtbase.
+The simplest way to compile QDoc is to compile qtbase or only the tools in
+ $> cd qtbase/src
+ $> make sub-tools # compiles QDoc
+Each module has a QDoc configuration file (.qdocconf). To build a module's
+documentation, run the "qdoc" binary and pass the qdocconf file as a parameter.
+A mandatory "outputdir" must be specified.
+ $> qdoc doc/config/qtdoc.qdocconf -outputdir html
+ Note that QDoc will delete the contents of the "html" output directory.
+Packaging the Documentation
+To package the documentation, the HTML files must be compiled
+into a QCH file (.qch).
+Required binaries:
+ * assistant - found in qttools
+ * qhelpgenerator - found in qttools
+To compile the qch file for each module, first enter the output directory that
+contains the .qhp file and generate the QCH file.
+ $> cd qtbase/doc/qtdoc #the default path for QT_INSTALL_DOCS for qtdoc
+ $> qhelpgenerator qtdoc.qhp #creates the QCH file called qtdoc.qch
+The QCH file can then be loaded in Qt Assistant or Qt Creator. For Qt Assistant,
+the QCH file can be registered to automatically load it.
+ $> assistant -register qtdoc.qch #to automatically load the documentation
+Global Files
+The qtbase/doc/global directory contains various files used by the modules to
+build the documentation. These include macros, stylesheets, and images for
+displaying documentation.
+To include these files in a qdocconf, add the following to a qdocconf file:
+ include($QT_INSTALL_DOCS/global/qt-module-defaults.qdocconf)
+Documentation Structure
+For a typical module, the documentation will reside in the source directory.
+The examples and the example documentation are in the "examples" directory.
+ qtbase/src/sql/doc/src #Qt SQL's documentation
+ qtbase/examples/sql #Qt SQL's examples
+More Information
+For more information about Qt 5's documentation, refer to the Qt Project wiki: