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qdoc: Make example file names unique
To avoid duplicate files for examples, the files are named this way. Suppose you have an example called mandelbrot. The example is in a subdirectory named mandelbrot, and there is a \example command somewhere like this: \example mandelbrot In this case, the mandelbrot example is in the QtCore module. Then the name of the example page will be: "qtcore-mandelbrot-example" ...and the names of the example files will be: "qtcore-mandelbrot-main-cpp.html" "qtcore-mandelbrot-mandelbrot-pro.html" "qtcore-mandelbrot-mandelbrotwidget-cpp.html" "qtcore-mandelbrot-mandelbrotwidget-h.html" "qtcore-mandelbrot-renderthread-cpp.html" "qtcore-mandelbrot-renderthread-h.html" Task-number: QTBUG-32580 Change-Id: Ic4445fd65b679523d6d94a8b0c19289d049ef0b0 Reviewed-by: Martin Smith <> Reviewed-by: Jerome Pasion <>
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