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Unbreak ubsan developer-build
Clang 3.8's undefined-behavior sanitizer checks that the declared type of the object is a base class of the dynamic type of the object on each access to a member of a class type. It therefore requires the typeinfo for these types, which for polymorphic types is emitted in the TU where the vtable is emitted, too. QDBusConnectionPrivate is a polymorphic non-exported class, so this failed at link-time. Ditto for the other case. Fix by autotest-exporting the classes. Also, where applicable, de-inline the dtors, so the vtable (and typeinfo) are pinned to one TU, and the ctor, just because it's the correct thing to do. Change-Id: I991f81f88d2a48e85d94d9f3ac61473c0b7056d3 Reviewed-by: Thiago Macieira <>
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