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Update the documentation for bearer.
Removed the reference to Symbian plugin, and added the reference to ConnMan / oFono plugin. Change-Id: I6a2ea9159aaa05bf4109bae97889d126a324ef8b Reviewed-by: Jonas Gastal <> Reviewed-by: Alex <>
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@@ -246,7 +246,10 @@ determining the feature support:
\o Backend capabilities
\o Linux\unicode{0xAE}
- \o Linux uses the \l {}{NetworkManager API} which supports interface notifications and starting and stopping of network interfaces.
+ \o Linux uses the \l {}{NetworkManager}
+ and \l {}{ConnMan} / \l {}{oFono} APIs
+ which support interface notifications and starting and stopping of network
+ interfaces.
\o Windows\unicode{0xAE} XP
\o This platform supports interface notifications without active polling.
@@ -254,12 +257,6 @@ determining the feature support:
\o Windows XP SP2+Hotfixes, Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista, Windows 7
\o In addition to standard Windows XP wifi access point monitoring has been improved which includes the ability to start and stop wifi interfaces. This requires Windows to manage the wifi interfaces.
- \o Symbian\unicode{0xAE} Platform & S60 3.1
- \o Symbian support is based on Symbian platforms RConnection. In addition to interface notifications, starting and stopping of network it provides system wide session support and direct connection routing.
- \row
- \o Symbian Platform & S60 3.2+
- \o This platform enjoys the most comprehensive feature set. In addition to the features support by the S60 3.1 Network roaming is supported.
- \row
\o Mac OS\unicode{0xAE}
\o This platform has full support by way of CoreWLAN offered in Mac OS 10.6. Previous
versions of Mac OS - 10.5 and 10.4 have limited support.