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As described in the \l{Model Subclassing Reference}, models must
provide implementations for the standard set of model functions:
\l{QAbstractItemModel::}{flags()}, \l{QAbstractItemModel::}{data()},
- \l{QAbstractItemModel::}{headerData()}, and
+ \l{QAbstractItemModel::}{headerData()},
+ \l{QAbstractItemModel::}{columnCount()}, and
\l{QAbstractItemModel::}{rowCount()}. In addition, hierarchical models,
such as this one, need to provide implementations of
\l{QAbstractItemModel::}{index()} and \l{QAbstractItemModel::}{parent()}.
An editable model needs to provide implementations of
\l{QAbstractItemModel::}{setData()} and
- \l{QAbstractItemModel::}{headerData()}, and must return a suitable
+ \l{QAbstractItemModel::}{setHeaderData()}, and must return a suitable
combination of flags from its \l{QAbstractItemModel::}{flags()} function.
Since this example allows the dimensions of the model to be changed,
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In this case, the file is accessible as \c
- Some resources, such as translation files and icons, many need to
- change based on the user's locale. This is done by adding a \c lang
+ Some resources need to change based on the user's locale,
+ such as translation files or icons. This is done by adding a \c lang
attribute to the \c qresource tag, specifying a suitable locale
string. For example:
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@@ -114,8 +114,8 @@ int complexFunction(int flag)
switch (flag) {
case 0:
case 1:
- mutex.unlock();
- return moreComplexFunction(flag);
+ retVal = moreComplexFunction(flag);
+ break;
case 2:
int status = anotherFunction();
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\snippet doc/src/snippets/code/doc_src_sql-driver.qdoc 15
Users of MinGW may wish to consult the following online document:
- \l{Compiling PostgreSQL On Native Win32 FAQ}.
+ \l{PostgreSQL MinGW/Native Windows}.
\bold{Note:} This database plugin is not supported for Windows CE.