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change \img to \image in docs
\img was a macro defined in macros.qdocconf. This collection of macros is being phased out. Use the full command instead. Change-Id: Ia55212f87bb46349d61359d40568e0aa33882596 Reviewed-by: Casper van Donderen <>
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the painter handle transformations is often easier than performing
manual calculations just to draw the contents of a custom widget.
- \img analogclock-viewport.png
+ \image analogclock-viewport.png
We draw the hour hand first, using a formula that rotates the coordinate
system counterclockwise by a number of degrees determined by the current
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The statechart for calculating the factorial looks as follows:
- \img factorial-example.png
+ \image factorial-example.png
\caption This is a caption
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This example implements a statechart where two states communicate by
posting events to the state machine. The state chart looks as follows:
- \img pingpong-example.png
+ \image pingpong-example.png
\caption This is a caption
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timer, and as we shall see the timeout is used to transition from one
LightState to another. Here is the statechart for the light state:
- \img trafficlight-example1.png
+ \image trafficlight-example1.png
\caption This is a caption
@@ -73,7 +73,7 @@
yellow-to-green. The same process repeats through the other states.
This is what the statechart looks like:
- \img trafficlight-example2.png
+ \image trafficlight-example2.png
\caption This is a caption