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\example ipc/localfortuneclient
\title Local Fortune Client Example
+ \ingroup examples-ipc
+ \brief Demonstrates using QLocalSocket for a simple local service client.
The Local Fortune Client example shows how to create a client for a simple
local service using QLocalSocket. It is intended to be run alongside the
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\example ipc/localfortuneserver
\title Local Fortune Server Example
+ \ingroup examples-ipc
+ \brief Demonstrates using QLocalServer and QLocalSocket for serving a simple local service.
The Local Fortune Server example shows how to create a server for a simple
local service. It is intended to be run alongside the
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\example ipc/sharedmemory
\title Shared Memory Example
+ \ingroup examples-ipc
+ \brief Demonstrates doing inter-process communication using shared memory with
+ the QSharedMemory class.
The Shared Memory example shows how to use the QSharedMemory class
to implement inter-process communication using shared memory. To